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25 Web Sites with Free Massive Multi-player Online Role-Playing Games

Three-dimensional, browser-based massive multi-player online role-playing game with both free play elements and membership subscriptions. Often criticized for its poor graphics, Runescape is ideal for gamers on a budget and caters for low end PCs. Players must subscribe to members for more content subscription is at US$5 per month.

Free downloadable mmorpg with purchasable special items from the "cash shop". With three playable races and the best pet system on any mmorpg, it is a favourite among gamers. Note that this game has high minimum system requirements, similar to other games such as World of Warcraft.

Free downloadable mmorpg with colourful graphics where players can fly around on items such as brooms and boards. Special items require real-life currency to buy.

"Granado Espada", Sword of the New World:
This free downloadable mmorpg is unique due to their multiple character control system players can control 3 players at once, instead of being limited to one character per player!

Maple Story:
Downloadable 2D mmorpg with anime style graphics in which players have 4 classes to choose from, each of which have their own city. While the game is free, there is a cash shop where players have to pay real life money to buy special items.

Ragnarok online:
Downloadable mmorpg with cute anime graphics. This mmorpg is not free from their official website, but there are private servers that are free to play on, e.g. and .

Silkroad Online:
Downloadable historical mmorpg based on the history of trading in China along the Silk Road. It may be hard to log on to the servers to play this game. Cash shop available.

Conquer Online:
Conquer Online is free to download and play, but "Dragon Balls" which increase equipment power, can be bought using real-life currency.

Entropia Universe:
Downloadable mmorpg with no monthly subscription. In-game currency can be bought at a rate of 10PED = $1. Uniquely, in game currency can also be redeemed back into real world currency at any time – hence, items earned in this game have a real cash value.

Knight Online:
Different companies host this game based on geographical location – some servers are free to play while others are not. Currently, the North American host features free-to-play with option to pay for enhanced game-play. Requires DirectX 8.1 or above. (This can be downloaded at directx10-a.aspx )

Plane Shift:
This downloadable mmorpg is absolutely free to play, with no catches (i.e. no monthly fee, no premium upgrades, no advertising on the site or in game). This game has cool graphics, but because it is still undergoing development, there are a few glitches & the servers are prone to instability.

The free version is downloadable but players have the option to upgrade to premium accounts with additional benefits.

Dungeon Runners:
This mmorpg is similar to the Diablo series of games. It is free to play, with an option to subscribe to membership at about $5 per month for benefits such as login queue list priority & access to member only worlds.

Last Chaos:
This mmorpg is free to download and free to play. The developer Aeriagames also has other games such as Project-Torque, Twelve Sky, Domo and Shaiya (in Beta). All are available for download at their website:

This free downloadable mmorpg is funded by ads, so don't be surprised to see ads when your character dies. Character creation is extensive, allowing detailed & unique characters to be created. ShadowBane does not have a quest system but it has the best player-vs-player system of all mmorpgs.

Albatross 18:
Free downloadable mmorpg that is based on golf.

Mu Online:
This game is free to download and play. PvP fighting outside duels is discouraged a player who kills another may become an outlaw', a class with many disadvantages.

9 Dragons:
This mmorpg is set in ancient China & martial arts is an important element.

Free downloadable mmorpg with the option to purchase items in the cash store. Players can choose from 3 races humans, moon elfs and orcs. In addition, players can compete for the position of the supreme commander over the game world.

2D mmorpg with beautiful graphics. Players may choose between 4 classes – humans, centaurs, mages and borgs. Special items can be purchased at the item mall for real life money.

Anarchy Online:
This science fiction themed mmorpg is usually fee-based but will be free until Jan. However, it has been hinted that this freeplay time limit will be extended.

Eternal lands:
Set in a medieval land, this fantasy mmorpg features many humanoid races. Players can choose from 6 races – humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, half-orcs and draegoni. Note that the latter 3 races are pay-to-play.

Rubies of Eventide:
Although this is a free-to-play mmorpg, there is limited server space so freeplayers may find it hard to sign in. Patrons who pay a small donation will have priority during peak hours. Players can choose between 7 races – human, elf, gnome, dwarf, orc, ogre and leshy.

Fiesta (in beta):
This free mmorpg has cute anime style graphics. Players can choose between 4 classes – fighter, cleric, archer or mage. There are also guild wars, dungeon raids and many monsters to battle.

Voyage century:
This mmorpg is set in the 17th century & features many adventures at sea. It is free to download and play.