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Best Country Music Websites

Country music websites and blogs provide fans with information about this genre of music. Fans can read the latest news about country music stars or catch up with legendary country musicians. Some even provide valuable links to other online resources to learn additional information on the industry. Not all sites are created equal, so this is a list of the and blogs for fans.

GAC-Great American Country

GAC, the official country music website for the television channel, provides country music fans with biographies of some of their favorite musicians. This website is the online source for information about upcoming show airing on the station and as well as concert information about country music artists. People can become a GAC Superfan, this free membership opportunity allows fans to earn points and enter contests and sweepstakes. They can even country music online trivia games. GAC has a free newsletter sent straight to subscribers email accounts that contains country music update.

Country Music Television

Like GAC, this country music website’s main focus is information related to its television station. However, this website presents news updates about the country music industry and artists. Fans can log onto this website and watch country music video or just listen to their online radio station. CMT has a message board for fans to write on and a country music blog for people to post comments. This country music website contains lyrics to noteworthy country songs.

This country music website features a country music artist on their home page and other feature articles for fans to read. This site has interviews with artists and review of country music. Fans can learn about artists of tomorrow by reading their Indie Artist Spotlight. Fans who’ve met country music artists can submit picture to the Brush w/Fame email. They even have a comprehensive list of the official artist’s sites of many country music singers. To follow up-to-date information, people can subscribe to their email newsletter.

The 9513 – Country Music Blog

Aesthetically, this country music blog is a well-constructed site. The designers used colors, layouts and fonts that are easy to read. They write about country music of the past and present, even reviewing the latest recordings. After fans read the blogs, they can comment on the article written or join one of the discussion forums. This country music blog also has links to other online resources for country music fans. Fans can subscribe via RSS Feed or receive emails from The 9513.

Country Music New Blog

This country music blog provides fans with the latest news, gossip, and concert information about country music artists. They don’t just focus on new country music artists; they pay homage to legendary country musicians who paved the way for new singers. The concert information is a complete guide to tours, venues and opening acts. Fans can enter contests, win prizes or get free stuff. Fans can get updated information from this country music website by subscribing to their newsletter.

Of all other country music websites on the World Wide Web, these are the best because they are easy to navigate and contain comprehensive information about country music. Fan can even benefit from these sites because of opportunities opened to them.

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