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Browser Based Games in Web 2.0

Here's a quick equation:

Browser Based Game + Web 2.0 = Browser Based Game 2.0

With user contribution, customization, communication we have Web 2.0.

With Browser Game based on Web 2.0 regularity we have the user contributing, customizable and communicative BBG 2.0.

It's very easy to imagine, right?

How could the BBG 2.0 benefit users?

In my perspective view there are at least the following benefits:

  1. An easier way to get more friends with same interest
  2. Better showcase of one's personality
  3. A niche community where one can make own contributions
  4. A fancy virtual world in which one can develop a whole other personality

And how could BBG 2.0 benefit developers?

  1. Higher user engagement rate
  2. An open end-game
  3. Higher user loyalty
  4. Easier word-of-mouth marketing

So, what do we do to make a game BBG 2.0?

Here's the list:

  1. Provide a page where users can upload their own pictures.
  2. Provide the opportunity for users to customize their brief introduction. This could be either real world introduction or virtual world one.
  3. Make visit to friend's home or home page available. This is much like Facebook's Wall.
  4. Make it possible for users to customize the interface. You may charge them for this (monetize).
  5. Partner with social networks to make it possible for users to play the game while view friends' pages.
  6. Make it possible to play on mobiles (iphone).
  7. Develop a sitter system so one may look after a friend's account while he/she is away.
  8. Provide journal system so that users may put down what is left for tomorrow's work.
  9. Run a very open forums system, wherein all can express themselves as long as it violates no law or others.
  10. Easily lead the users into the game, and do not bombard their eyes and brains. A tutorial virtual advisor may be a good idea.
  11. Provide a knowledge base of the gaming system and game play.

In the era of BBG 2.0, do not feel shamed or embarrassed if a user or users pick out what is wrong about your game. Quite on the contrary you should appreciate that and encourage that. Make it open, and do not try to eliminate negative opinions.

Develop and improve the game to the wants and needs of your audience. And also listen to your audience and make it available if their suggestions are valuable. After all, users want to have better gaming experience and not to destroy the game.

And listening to your audience does not make you less authoritative at all.

Get yourself ready for the BBG 2.0 now!

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