5 Websites that Will Get Your Kids Excited About Math

So, your child comes to you and needs a little help on their homework. You enthusiastically agree, and before you know it, you are knee deep in uncertainty and confusion! You are not alone. There are many parents that struggle with this very issue every day. Vocabulary and mathematical techniques have changed over the years and is a curriculum that is constantly evolving. Unless you are a gifted mathematician, you may need resources to help guide you and your child through the troubled water. Below are 5 great resources that made my life easier and continue to help navigate my child and I through mathematical challenges.

  1. Khan Academy (.org) – Is a world class free education brought to you through instructional videos that are clear and easy to understand. I was inspired by Bill Gates who was promoting this website on an evening news program. Gates was excited about the enthusiastic approach his children were taking to math. It prompted me to check out this site and was pleasantly surprised. The site is designed to keep your attention and promote education at many different levels. The Khan Academy offers a variety of instruction ranging from Math to Humanities.
  2. YouTube .(com)- Is a great resource for lessons on any subject for students of all ages. Today’s technology is taking education to a whole new level and the resources are available at your fingertips.
  3. Helping With Math (.com) – Is a wonderful resource for students of all ages. It has printable material