Great Cosmetic Stops on the Web

As a shopper I can tell you there is nothing better than finding awesome cosmetics. If they give you the kind of bang for your buck that you deserve, it's even better. Over the years I've come to love certain websites and look to them to provide to my collection of cosmetics at various times.

Growing up I was one of those girls who loved my lip smackers. It was the beginning of an addiction that lead to my obsession with My Lip Stuff. I discovered the brand itself a few years ago on Amazon.com and then headed on over to their own website to check them out in their full glory. With something like 400 flavors to choose from, I wasn't bored for a second trying to select which one was best. I've since given these glosses to friends as Christmas gifts and gotten them addicted as well. This is an awesome spot to pick up a gift for those who like their items personalized seeing as you can have your name on the label of your favorite gloss.

In addition to my love of all things lip gloss, I also love to collect various scents. When a former co-worker turned me on to Demeter Fragrances Library I arrived in heaven. This company makes a scent for just about everything, a quite a few you wouldn't have thought of. Being a lover of soft, clean scents I've come to adore their Grass, Paperback, Honeysuckle and Laundrymat fragrances. For those who are looking for traditional, they offer your basic flower fragrances and for those who are looking for something a bit more unique choose from scents named Holy Water, Play-Doh, Sushi or Suntan Lotion. The scents are a bit on the expensive side, but their 1/2 oz. minis have lasted with me for over a year, so it's well worth the investment.

Over at ZAJA Naturals, the investments come in the form of various soaps, fragrances and other handmade items for the body. A fan of their reasonable pricing, I've come to find myself intrigued with their line of beer soaps. Beer soap not your thing? Then try one of their various other scents which include soaps for shaving, exfoliation and just plain smelling good.

If you're a fellow beauty addict who doesn't care for visiting a hundred different sites to get what you need, then head on over to Beauty.com. Find the hot brands, European imports and all natural products all at this one sight. For those of you who are utterly clueless to what you need, they provide an engine that will recommend products for you. Checking out the advice, the clearance section and the free samples alone could provide entertainment for hours for the right person.

All right so now you have my 4 favorite cosmetic stops on the web. Remember to check out the sales first and enjoy shopping!

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