Making Waves with Web ERP

Web ERP (enterprise resource planning) is here and it's popular. Small businesses have found what they have been waiting for. A software system that can provide them with the applications and tools they need to conduct business successfully. That's what they get with enterprise software; an all-inclusive, distributed, one piece software system. This is the software that can run all aspects of the business and do with calculated efficiency. It will administer the accounting component, sales and marketing, supply chain management, and human resources; it will coordinate manufacturing and customer relationship management; it will manage your e-commerce operation. This is the system that supports the enterprise in every area.

Small business now has a solution for the enterprise, not just for disparate units within the business. This is the software system that unites the enterprise and brings all staff together as one. Information and data is no longer sequestered in some inaccessible silo. It's available to all designated staff whenever they need it. So when you need to check up on the supply chain or confirm if an order has been processed, you can do it in real-time, with the access and visibility that you need in order to get the job done successfully. Every unit of the business has access to the same information and data.

If you've ever had to run around seeking information or wasted time calling around or sending memos in order to get a piece of information or data, you'll be pleased to know that you can now call that, history. Web ERPwill provide the information you need when you need it, like right now. That's because all staff has access to the same information, and it all resides in the repository or storehouse. This is your communications hub, your database, your tool box. And it can come in very handy, especially when a customer calls seeking information or details on an order. If that information is relative to the sales department, no problem; you can access it and not keep the customer waiting. That makes for satisfied customers.

And if your business has a sales force that is often out of the office but calling in to seek information, this software can also accommodate that; laptops, ipads and smartphones make mobile ERP a snap. The online option also means your information and data is available 24/7, from anywhere. Enterprise software has increased the confidence of small businesses to compete more effectively.

So, what is your business waiting for? Web ERP is here now.


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