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Need a Laugh ? Check Out Humor Websites

Need a Laugh ? Check Out Humor Websites

I like to laugh. I find it makes getting through most days much easier. I adore my friends who make me laugh. Their presence in my life is priceless. I also have a few humor websites that provide some laughs when I need a pick me up.

Medical studies show that laughter is very good for your health. It helps you relax and it allows you to for a bit. So try adding a daily dose of humor to your life and to that of anyone you interact with.

Have a viewing of a funny movie and then let other friends borrow the DVD as well. Find free funny ecards on line and send them out regularly. Leave funny voice mail messages for people. Life gets very busy and everyone enjoys a brief moment when they have an unexpected laugh interrupt their day.

Photoshop some photos to add humorous elements and email them around to friends. You may even want to enter the pictures in the contests at

Write a funny letter to someone and send it snail mail. Real mail is so rare these days so its impact is quite strong.

Comedy Online (satire: religious)…