Photographic Resource Websites for Freelance Writers

A picture is worth a thousand words – or at least it's worth including in an article.

No matter how well written an article is the addition of a few snappy visuals will not only enhance it, but even get some people to take a look who might have passed it right on by. The trouble is finding the right visual assist. Where do you get these visuals? Film or televison articles can be easy – movie posters or stills from a production usually do just fine.

Snapping a few digital photos on your own is always a great way to go, but that can't always deliver for your project if it's way beyond your physical location or timeframe. You may be doing an overview of America's entrance into World War II or the launch of the first satellite into orbit. Your photographic skills are polished, but they're not magical. What next? Call in Harry Potter for help? Maybe, if you can't get him, or enter free or public domain photo websites.

Here are a few I use. They usually have what I need to dress up an article.


Hands down one of the very best photographic websites around. The search engine is easy and it offers lots of selection. This is one stop shopping for me many times. You'll find it all and if they don't have it, you don't need it. But seriously, it's an amazing resource for all your photographic needs. I recommend it highly.…

Websites That Offer Free Card Game Downloads

Are you board with the two or three card games that came on your computer. If your ready to expand to new card games there are some sites with free card game downloads. You can find just about any card game that you are looking for on the Internet. All you have to do is go to the site, find the game your looking for, and click on the download button. You will be prompted to save the game on your computer. When it is finished downloading you will get a box that pops up and asks if you would like to make a icon on your desktop, and if you would like to start the game.

Here are my top site for card game downloads: – This site has quite a few solitaire games do download. They have single games, they also have game packages that include many solitaire games. They have all the old favorites like spider and free cell. They also have some new games such as aloha solitaire and mystery solitaire. When you download the games on this site you will get a trial version, if you would like to get the full version of the game you will have to pay for it. – While this site has all the usual solitaire's it also has many multi player card games. They feature Fat Cat games, which has Fat Cat Gin and Fat Cat poker. The fat cat games are fun games that give …

Top Three Websites to Grab MySpace Layouts and Graphics for the Boston Celtics

In the never ending quest to have the best looking page in MySpace land, places to get layouts and graphics are a dime a dozen. I have three websites that I found to have some of the best Boston Celtics Layouts on the internet. I mean, what Boston Celtic fan wouldn't want to show off their Celtic pride?

All the graphics included in this article are free and easy to use (Ctrl C then Crtl V or copy and paste) is a very user friendly website, with easy navigation and lots of graphics to choose from. Here is an example of the Boston Celtic graphics. has the best backgrounds for your MySpace page is right on this site. I seen regarding the Boston Celtics. The layouts are very eye friendly, and the color is magnificent.


Last but not least is Pyzam. I have used Pyzam in the past, and I have never failed to get a lot of positive comments from their layouts. Pyzam has three Pre-made Boston Celtic layouts to choose from, and they are well put together!

Have fun and Go Boston!…

Romance and Mystery Novel Review Web Sites

With my family being such avid readers, particularly my daughter, I recently discovered two websites that can help with our reading quest. They are and

My local librarian had just discovered these two web sites, and was sharing information with her patrons about these two Internet addresses. As we are weekly regulars at the library, she let my family know about them. When I arrived home, I was sure to check them out.

The first one is My daughter, thank goodness, is not yet into these types of novels. So this site was purely for my interest.

The main purpose of the web site is to offer reviews of top romance novels. The reviews are broken down into three categories: historical, contemporary, and fantasy. Their rating system is unique, with hearts being used. Five hearts is a definite keeper, four hearts means the book is recommended, three hearts is acceptable, two means think twice, and one hearts tells the reader not to bother reading the book. They also break the books down into categories. These categories are: G for love scenes but no sex; PG for sex scenes that aren't explicit; PG 13 for a little bit more descriptive, but not yet graphic ; R for very descriptive and lots of love scenes; and NC17 for a book you wouldn't want your kids to read, or your spouse or – well you get the idea. I thought it was very unique that the reviews and ratings were …

Making Waves with Web ERP

Web ERP (enterprise resource planning) is here and it's popular. Small businesses have found what they have been waiting for. A software system that can provide them with the applications and tools they need to conduct business successfully. That's what they get with enterprise software; an all-inclusive, distributed, one piece software system. This is the software that can run all aspects of the business and do with calculated efficiency. It will administer the accounting component, sales and marketing, supply chain management, and human resources; it will coordinate manufacturing and customer relationship management; it will manage your e-commerce operation. This is the system that supports the enterprise in every area.

Small business now has a solution for the enterprise, not just for disparate units within the business. This is the software system that unites the enterprise and brings all staff together as one. Information and data is no longer sequestered in some inaccessible silo. It's available to all designated staff whenever they need it. So when you need to check up on the supply chain or confirm if an order has been processed, you can do it in real-time, with the access and visibility that you need in order to get the job done successfully. Every unit of the business has access to the same information and data.

If you've ever had to run around seeking information or wasted time calling around or sending memos in order to get a piece of information or data, you'll be pleased to know that …

Types of Websites Listing Freelance Writing Jobs

Although most careers have been hit as a result of the global recession, job opportunities have opened up for . If you’ve got an online connection, a PayPal account and a reasonable grasp of English, then you have the basics for starting a freelance writing career. There are several ways you can make money from websites geared for freelance writers.

Job Boards

Freelance writers can never be complacent. Clients come and go like mayflies, depending on how financially stable a client is. You always need to be on the lookout for a new client or a better paying client. The best freelance writing sites such as Problogger or Freelance Writing Jobs have extensive listings for freelance writers. Not all of the jobs will be for the web. Some will be for business newsletters, ad copy, fillers for newspapers or even scripts.

Content Aggregators

Websites that pay writers for articles that appear on the web are known as content aggregators or content brokers. These sites include Helium, Wordgigs, Textbroker and Yahoo Contributor Network. Payment differs from site to site to site, but basically you make money through up-front payments or from revenue sharing. The latter means that you get paid a miniscule amount each time someone that’s not you clicks onto your articles. For some sites like Helium, this works out to around one penny per five clicks.

Content Warehouses

Sometimes also called content aggregators, these are sites where the writer can submit articles, name their own price and a large …

Spider-Man 3 Weaves Another Tangled Web!

Make way all you Marvel fans, another Spider-Man has landed, and it's better than ever! With it's colorful cast of characters (including two new villains), this third volume in the now Spider-Man trilogy is sure to get your spidey senses tingling. The story follows a new chapter in the life of our favorite spider in which he has finally decided to propose to the girl of his dreams, MJ (played by Kirsten Dunst.) However, more than one obstacle stands in his way. Not only does Spider Man encounter a new villain that just may have the answers he's been searching for (Sandman), as well as being pursued by an old friend turned enemy (New Goblin), but he's also thrust into a battle with himself due to a black goo type substance that slowly leaks the good away. For once, we all get to see what it's like to have a dark spider man around, and let's face it…it's more cobwebs than roses.

There is no doubt that the acting in this movie is something of a double edged sword. Topher Grace puts on a pretty believable performance as the super villain "Venom", a black clad Spider-Man double with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, whom is fueled by his own personal hatred for Peter Parker. However, MJ, played by Kirsten Dunst is less believable this time around. She lacks the appeal that she had in the last two movies as well as the heart. She comes off as just …