Need a Laugh ? Check Out Humor Websites

I like to laugh. I find it makes getting through most days much easier. I adore my friends who make me laugh. Their presence in my life is priceless. I also have a few humor websites that provide some laughs when I need a pick me up.

Medical studies show that laughter is very good for your health. It helps you relax and it allows you to for a bit. So try adding a daily dose of humor to your life and to that of anyone you interact with.

Have a viewing of a funny movie and then let other friends borrow the DVD as well. Find free funny ecards on line and send them out regularly. Leave funny voice mail messages for people. Life gets very busy and everyone enjoys a brief moment when they have an unexpected laugh interrupt their day.

Photoshop some photos to add humorous elements and email them around to friends. You may even want to enter the pictures in the contests at

Write a funny letter to someone and send it snail mail. Real mail is so rare these days so its impact is quite strong.

Comedy Online (satire: religious)…

Webb's Cafe in Mildenhall, Suffolk, England: Review

Webb's Cafe is located to the left of the Card Boutique at 4 Market Place, Mildenhall, Suffolk, IP28 7EF. The telephone number is (01638) 712312. Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 7:00.a.m. to 3:00.p.m. and Saturdays from 8:00.a.m. to 2:00.p.m. Webb's Cafe offers an eat-in menu option throughout the day or a takeaway option for those who are on the go.

Choosing Webb's

I recently joined a friend for lunch who chose to eat at Webb's Cafe in Mildenhall. It has been years since I have eaten at Webb's, so I did not know if the food was still as good as it was years ago. As we had been out in the bitterfly cold weather conditions along with heavy rain, we both needed something warm and nourishing to build us up again. My friend had a bowl of soup and a roll. It took me longer to decide what to have, as I was tempted by the colourful salad bar and the generous portions that I saw others around me tucking into. I took a menu to our table and settled for the special offer, which was a bowl of soup with and a sandwich. The soup of the day was tomato and roasted red pepper. I opted for an egg mayonnaise sandwich, which also came with coleslaw and a small side salad. My lunch was plentiful, filling and warming, which is just what I needed on such a cold day.


come with a selection of breads …

Paid-to-Click Web Sites Do Not Live Up to Expectations

Paid-to-click sites have become increasingly popular in a world full of Internet income schemes. Along with paid surveys, rebate processing, and affiliate programs, paid-to-click sites have ensnared thousands of users worldwide. However, many first-time users wonder if these "too good to be true" web sites are worth the time. It's a good question with a complex answer.

Paid-to-click Web sites usually offer no more than $0.01 per click. To earn this small sum, a user must click on an ad and view the page for a designated period of time. Thirty seconds tends to be a pretty generic number, but the time an ad is viewed occasionally correlates with the amount paid. So, you click on an ad and view it for thirty seconds. You have no spent thirty minutes viewing an ad, and you earned $0.01 for it. Anyone capable of simple math can see that the numbers do not add up to a substantial income. You will more than likely spend more money on your Internet and electricity bills. Several methods for earning more money in a shorter period of time have been developed, but most of these methods are dishonest.

Like many other Internet income schemes, paid-to-click Web sites are often scams. The Web site receives money for advertisements, but refuse to pay the users for viewing the ads. Also, many of the paid-to-click Web sites have referral programs, and most sites also let you purchase referrals. Some referral packages cost hundreds of dollars. At this point, …

Browser Based Games in Web 2.0

Here's a quick equation:

Browser Based Game + Web 2.0 = Browser Based Game 2.0

With user contribution, customization, communication we have Web 2.0.

With Browser Game based on Web 2.0 regularity we have the user contributing, customizable and communicative BBG 2.0.

It's very easy to imagine, right?

How could the BBG 2.0 benefit users?

In my perspective view there are at least the following benefits:

  1. An easier way to get more friends with same interest
  2. Better showcase of one's personality
  3. A niche community where one can make own contributions
  4. A fancy virtual world in which one can develop a whole other personality

And how could BBG 2.0 benefit developers?

  1. Higher user engagement rate
  2. An open end-game
  3. Higher user loyalty
  4. Easier word-of-mouth marketing

So, what do we do to make a game BBG 2.0?

Here's the list:

  1. Provide a page where users can upload their own pictures.
  2. Provide the opportunity for users to customize their brief introduction. This could be either real world introduction or virtual world one.
  3. Make visit to friend's home or home page available. This is much like Facebook's Wall.
  4. Make it possible for users to customize the interface. You may charge them for this (monetize).
  5. Partner with social networks to make it possible for users to play the game while view friends' pages.
  6. Make it possible to play on mobiles (iphone).
  7. Develop a sitter system so one may look after a friend's account while he/she is away.
  8. Provide journal system so that users may put down

Great Cosmetic Stops on the Web

As a shopper I can tell you there is nothing better than finding awesome cosmetics. If they give you the kind of bang for your buck that you deserve, it's even better. Over the years I've come to love certain websites and look to them to provide to my collection of cosmetics at various times.

Growing up I was one of those girls who loved my lip smackers. It was the beginning of an addiction that lead to my obsession with My Lip Stuff. I discovered the brand itself a few years ago on and then headed on over to their own website to check them out in their full glory. With something like 400 flavors to choose from, I wasn't bored for a second trying to select which one was best. I've since given these glosses to friends as Christmas gifts and gotten them addicted as well. This is an awesome spot to pick up a gift for those who like their items personalized seeing as you can have your name on the label of your favorite gloss.

In addition to my love of all things lip gloss, I also love to collect various scents. When a former co-worker turned me on to Demeter Fragrances Library I arrived in heaven. This company makes a scent for just about everything, a quite a few you wouldn't have thought of. Being a lover of soft, clean scents I've come to adore their Grass, Paperback, Honeysuckle and Laundrymat fragrances. For those …

Cool and Fun Internet Web Sites for when You Are Bored!

How often do we hear or say "I'm BORED?" Boredom, to be weary by dullness or tedious repetition, can lead to stress and conflicts with friends or family. Being bored is often depressing so instead of sitting around feeling bad, do something about it! You need to stimulate your mind and find new things to see and do in order to beat boredom. The internet hosts a wealth of information on almost every topic imaginable and there are many cool fun web sites to browse when you are feeling bored. With so many web sites online however, it can at times be overwhelming. Below I have compiled a list of some of the best web sites to surf and things to do online when you bored so no need to aimless search through the internet's millions of web pages!

1) – Download the StumpleUpon toolbar to find great videos, websites, photos and more based on your specific interests. After you "StumbleUpon" a site, you submit a rating and then StumbleUpon learns what you likes and makes better reccomendations. You can share your discoveries and meet new friends and people with similar interests with this tool. Some of my favorite sites I have found channeling surfing with StumpleUpon are,, and

2) Find a good online community – Whether you want to find and chat with people who have similar interests or talk over a controversial debate, there are a plethora of online communities and chat groups that …

The Five Best Soap Opera Websites

Looking for scoops, spoilers, casting information, or recaps regarding your favorite daytime show? Let’s face it. Many of us are just too busy with our own hectic lives to keep up with our favorite soap, which is why we turn to the Internet to keep us informed. Why go to the store and purchase a magazine when we can get it all right on our home or office computers? We can’t help but be addicted to the latest schemes, love triangles, break-ups, amnesia hang-ups, or even ! As a long-time soap opera fanatic, I’ve done my own research and compiled a list of the five best soap opera sites to catch up on your favorite daytime dramas, in order of preference.

1) (

This site has recently become my favorite, surpassing my number two choice. It contains wonderfully detailed story recaps of every daytime soap, along with captivating episode pictures. In addition, it does a fabulous job of keeping up with the latest news regarding your favorite soaps. On the home page, you can even scroll down to see the stars’ upcoming birthdays along with their birth years, just in case you are curious to know how old they are! You can also see how well your favorite soap is doing in the rating’s race, along with links to the upcoming spoilers, and comings and goings. If that’s not enough, this site also contains a message board if you care to speak your mind in a “Rated-G” format regarding …