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Paid-to-Click Web Sites Do Not Live Up to Expectations

Paid-to-click sites have become increasingly popular in a world full of Internet income schemes. Along with paid surveys, rebate processing, and affiliate programs, paid-to-click sites have ensnared thousands of users worldwide. However, many first-time users wonder if these "too good to be true" web sites are worth the time. It's a good question with a complex answer.

Paid-to-click Web sites usually offer no more than $0.01 per click. To earn this small sum, a user must click on an ad and view the page for a designated period of time. Thirty seconds tends to be a pretty generic number, but the time an ad is viewed occasionally correlates with the amount paid. So, you click on an ad and view it for thirty seconds. You have no spent thirty minutes viewing an ad, and you earned $0.01 for it. Anyone capable of simple math can see that the numbers do not add up to a substantial income. You will more than likely spend more money on your Internet and electricity bills. Several methods for earning more money in a shorter period of time have been developed, but most of these methods are dishonest.

Like many other Internet income schemes, paid-to-click Web sites are often scams. The Web site receives money for advertisements, but refuse to pay the users for viewing the ads. Also, many of the paid-to-click Web sites have referral programs, and most sites also let you purchase referrals. Some referral packages cost hundreds of dollars. At this point, you are definitely spending more than your Internet and electricity bills.

Many surprised users of paid-to-click sites have been surprised when the Web site simply disappears. Users attempt to access the Web site for a day of profitable clicking, and the Web site no longer exists. Yet again, the Web site has generated money for the owner through advertisements, but the user receives nothing.

Users should also carefully read the terms of service and FAQ before signing up for any Web site. Several of the paid-to-click Web sites do not actually pay cash. Rather than performing regular pay-outs, the Web site allows the user to apply accumulated funds to advertising on the paid-to-click site.

Overall, paid-to-click Web sites do not work for individuals that do not have indefinite periods of down time, free Internet, and free electricity. Internet users are advised not to invest money in paid-to-click schemes, especially the ones that sound too good to be true from the very beginning. Ways to generate an Internet income do exist, but paid-to-click Web sites frequently fail to pay up.