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Project Playlist Music Website Review

Style: Project Playlist used to have a black, blue and white layout that was gaudy. The black background made everything else stand out but did not go well with advertisements placed around the website. Since then, Project Playlist has been redesigned and looks much better. The website is cleaner, more organized and easier to navigate. The new color scheme includes variations of blue, yellow and orange. Project Playlist has advertisements but they do not interfere with the content on this website. Many of the site members are featured prominently on the homepage.

Ease of Use: The search feature yields tons of results, even if you are trying to find old songs. You can then create a playlist and add songs immediately by pressing a button that resembles the "plus" sign. There is no need to worry about faulty music tracks interrupting the flow of your playlist. If a song is no longer available, it is automatically skipped on the playlist. The following song on the playlist will start to play automatically.

Project Playlist will also let you know if a music track has malfunctioned or is not available in the search results. However, Project Playlist rarely has faulty tracks in the search results. Prior to the redesign, non-members of this website would have to register in order to build a music playlist. Now, you can build a playlist without having to register but with limited restrictions. While non-members can build a quick playlist on the homepage, only five songs can be added before you are required to sign-up on the website. Members of Project Playlist can add up to 200 songs to their playlist.

Formalities and Events of Note: Some social networking websites and online communities restrict their members from having Project Playlist music players on their site. is one website that has been known for following this practice. Myspace has banned Project Playlist players from being used on the site. That can make it difficult to include a Project Playlist music player on your profile or online web page if it is associated with Myspace. A number of record companies filed a lawsuit against Project Playlist in the spring of 2008 to stop the free distribution of their music on this website.

In the article "Project Playlist Sued over Music Distribution", these record companies cite copyright infringement as their reason for suing Project Playlist. In honor of a request made by the Recording Industry Association of America, the popular social networking website Facebook has blocked access of Project Playlist services on its website in late December 2008.

Verdict: Project Playlist Music has been noted by fans as the best place to find music on the internet. Despite its legal issues, this website has become a great source of entertainment at the moment at least. It provides a useful service for internet users who want to add music to their web pages without going through a lot of hassle. Some web hosts and social networking communities to not offer their members options to add songs to their pages. Project Playlist gives these members a way to get through their limitations and add songs to those same pages.