Website Review

Romance and Mystery Novel Review Web Sites

With my family being such avid readers, particularly my daughter, I recently discovered two websites that can help with our reading quest. They are and

My local librarian had just discovered these two web sites, and was sharing information with her patrons about these two Internet addresses. As we are weekly regulars at the library, she let my family know about them. When I arrived home, I was sure to check them out.

The first one is My daughter, thank goodness, is not yet into these types of novels. So this site was purely for my interest.

The main purpose of the web site is to offer reviews of top romance novels. The reviews are broken down into three categories: historical, contemporary, and fantasy. Their rating system is unique, with hearts being used. Five hearts is a definite keeper, four hearts means the book is recommended, three hearts is acceptable, two means think twice, and one hearts tells the reader not to bother reading the book. They also break the books down into categories. These categories are: G for love scenes but no sex; PG for sex scenes that aren't explicit; PG 13 for a little bit more descriptive, but not yet graphic ; R for very descriptive and lots of love scenes; and NC17 for a book you wouldn't want your kids to read, or your spouse or – well you get the idea. I thought it was very unique that the reviews and ratings were so thorough. That way, you are well informed about the book before you buy it or check it out from your local library.

The site also has interviews with authors. Some of the authors that they have interviewed are Celeste Bradley, Carla Kelly, and Janice Sims. To be honest, I have only heard of Celeste Bradley. The other thing I noticed about the site was that there has not been an interview since November of 2006, or else the site has not been updated.

In addition, the site also offers a mailbag service, or a message board. They also offer contests from time to time to keep their visitors interested.

The sister site is Again their main purpose is to offer reviews of mystery books. They break their categories down into detectives, thrillers, suspense, cozy mysteries, romantic and historical. I would love to know what type of book a cozy mystery is.

Here their rating system is stars. It would have been creative if someone had thought of using guns or knives or something more appropriate. Their rating system goes from five stars to one also. They rate their books NV for little or no violence, V for standard or an average amount of violence, and GV for graphic violence.

They also interview authors and have contests. However they have an added feature here called The Crime Scene which lists upcoming events and noteworthy news from mystery authors.

Hopefully, these two web sites are something new that readers have not checked out. I checked both out thoroughly and found them very helpful.