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Spider-Man 3 Weaves Another Tangled Web!

Make way all you Marvel fans, another Spider-Man has landed, and it's better than ever! With it's colorful cast of characters (including two new villains), this third volume in the now Spider-Man trilogy is sure to get your spidey senses tingling. The story follows a new chapter in the life of our favorite spider in which he has finally decided to propose to the girl of his dreams, MJ (played by Kirsten Dunst.) However, more than one obstacle stands in his way. Not only does Spider Man encounter a new villain that just may have the answers he's been searching for (Sandman), as well as being pursued by an old friend turned enemy (New Goblin), but he's also thrust into a battle with himself due to a black goo type substance that slowly leaks the good away. For once, we all get to see what it's like to have a dark spider man around, and let's face it…it's more cobwebs than roses.

There is no doubt that the acting in this movie is something of a double edged sword. Topher Grace puts on a pretty believable performance as the super villain "Venom", a black clad Spider-Man double with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, whom is fueled by his own personal hatred for Peter Parker. However, MJ, played by Kirsten Dunst is less believable this time around. She lacks the appeal that she had in the last two movies as well as the heart. She comes off as just plain cold at times, leaving her performance lackluster. Luckily Thomas Haden Church brings back the heart when he plays the part of the Sandman, an escaped convict out to reunite with his ailing daughter. However, the golden medal would have to be awarded to James Franco, who brilliantly conveys the own struggles of Harry Osborn, the New Goblin. This character appears to evolve more than the others, and brings forth emotion that the others couldn't quite pull off.

On the downside, the story can seem a bit confusing with all the villains running amuck, giving the impression that we don't have one, not two, but three different storylines smashed together in one. The order of important characters appears to have been misled as well, with the spotlight on less intriguing characters (Sandman) than others (Venom), surely to leave some fans disappointed. On the upside, if you are looking for a fun movie with action, humor and drama, then Spiderman 3 is for you. The fight scenes are absolutely spectacular and bring technology to a whole new high. All in all, fans are sure to be caught up in this web.

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