Photographic Resource Websites for Freelance Writers

A picture is worth a thousand words – or at least it's worth including in an article.

No matter how well written an article is the addition of a few snappy visuals will not only enhance it, but even get some people to take a look who might have passed it right on by. The trouble is finding the right visual assist. Where do you get these visuals? Film or televison articles can be easy – movie posters or stills from a production usually do just fine.

Snapping a few digital photos on your own is always a great way to go, but that can't always deliver for your project if it's way beyond your physical location or timeframe. You may be doing an overview of America's entrance into World War II or the launch of the first satellite into orbit. Your photographic skills are polished, but they're not magical. What next? Call in Harry Potter for help? Maybe, if you can't get him, or enter free or public domain photo websites.

Here are a few I use. They usually have what I need to dress up an article.


Hands down one of the very best photographic websites around. The search engine is easy and it offers lots of selection. This is one stop shopping for me many times. You'll find it all and if they don't have it, you don't need it. But seriously, it's an amazing resource for all your photographic needs. I recommend it highly.…

Types of Websites Listing Freelance Writing Jobs

Although most careers have been hit as a result of the global recession, job opportunities have opened up for . If you’ve got an online connection, a PayPal account and a reasonable grasp of English, then you have the basics for starting a freelance writing career. There are several ways you can make money from websites geared for freelance writers.

Job Boards

Freelance writers can never be complacent. Clients come and go like mayflies, depending on how financially stable a client is. You always need to be on the lookout for a new client or a better paying client. The best freelance writing sites such as Problogger or Freelance Writing Jobs have extensive listings for freelance writers. Not all of the jobs will be for the web. Some will be for business newsletters, ad copy, fillers for newspapers or even scripts.

Content Aggregators

Websites that pay writers for articles that appear on the web are known as content aggregators or content brokers. These sites include Helium, Wordgigs, Textbroker and Yahoo Contributor Network. Payment differs from site to site to site, but basically you make money through up-front payments or from revenue sharing. The latter means that you get paid a miniscule amount each time someone that’s not you clicks onto your articles. For some sites like Helium, this works out to around one penny per five clicks.

Content Warehouses

Sometimes also called content aggregators, these are sites where the writer can submit articles, name their own price and a large …

Paid-to-Click Web Sites Do Not Live Up to Expectations

Paid-to-click sites have become increasingly popular in a world full of Internet income schemes. Along with paid surveys, rebate processing, and affiliate programs, paid-to-click sites have ensnared thousands of users worldwide. However, many first-time users wonder if these "too good to be true" web sites are worth the time. It's a good question with a complex answer.

Paid-to-click Web sites usually offer no more than $0.01 per click. To earn this small sum, a user must click on an ad and view the page for a designated period of time. Thirty seconds tends to be a pretty generic number, but the time an ad is viewed occasionally correlates with the amount paid. So, you click on an ad and view it for thirty seconds. You have no spent thirty minutes viewing an ad, and you earned $0.01 for it. Anyone capable of simple math can see that the numbers do not add up to a substantial income. You will more than likely spend more money on your Internet and electricity bills. Several methods for earning more money in a shorter period of time have been developed, but most of these methods are dishonest.

Like many other Internet income schemes, paid-to-click Web sites are often scams. The Web site receives money for advertisements, but refuse to pay the users for viewing the ads. Also, many of the paid-to-click Web sites have referral programs, and most sites also let you purchase referrals. Some referral packages cost hundreds of dollars. At this point, …