Spider-Man 3 Weaves Another Tangled Web!

Make way all you Marvel fans, another Spider-Man has landed, and it's better than ever! With it's colorful cast of characters (including two new villains), this third volume in the now Spider-Man trilogy is sure to get your spidey senses tingling. The story follows a new chapter in the life of our favorite spider in which he has finally decided to propose to the girl of his dreams, MJ (played by Kirsten Dunst.) However, more than one obstacle stands in his way. Not only does Spider Man encounter a new villain that just may have the answers he's been searching for (Sandman), as well as being pursued by an old friend turned enemy (New Goblin), but he's also thrust into a battle with himself due to a black goo type substance that slowly leaks the good away. For once, we all get to see what it's like to have a dark spider man around, and let's face it…it's more cobwebs than roses.

There is no doubt that the acting in this movie is something of a double edged sword. Topher Grace puts on a pretty believable performance as the super villain "Venom", a black clad Spider-Man double with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, whom is fueled by his own personal hatred for Peter Parker. However, MJ, played by Kirsten Dunst is less believable this time around. She lacks the appeal that she had in the last two movies as well as the heart. She comes off as just …

Great Cosmetic Stops on the Web

As a shopper I can tell you there is nothing better than finding awesome cosmetics. If they give you the kind of bang for your buck that you deserve, it's even better. Over the years I've come to love certain websites and look to them to provide to my collection of cosmetics at various times.

Growing up I was one of those girls who loved my lip smackers. It was the beginning of an addiction that lead to my obsession with My Lip Stuff. I discovered the brand itself a few years ago on Amazon.com and then headed on over to their own website to check them out in their full glory. With something like 400 flavors to choose from, I wasn't bored for a second trying to select which one was best. I've since given these glosses to friends as Christmas gifts and gotten them addicted as well. This is an awesome spot to pick up a gift for those who like their items personalized seeing as you can have your name on the label of your favorite gloss.

In addition to my love of all things lip gloss, I also love to collect various scents. When a former co-worker turned me on to Demeter Fragrances Library I arrived in heaven. This company makes a scent for just about everything, a quite a few you wouldn't have thought of. Being a lover of soft, clean scents I've come to adore their Grass, Paperback, Honeysuckle and Laundrymat fragrances. For those …

Cool and Fun Internet Web Sites for when You Are Bored!

How often do we hear or say "I'm BORED?" Boredom, to be weary by dullness or tedious repetition, can lead to stress and conflicts with friends or family. Being bored is often depressing so instead of sitting around feeling bad, do something about it! You need to stimulate your mind and find new things to see and do in order to beat boredom. The internet hosts a wealth of information on almost every topic imaginable and there are many cool fun web sites to browse when you are feeling bored. With so many web sites online however, it can at times be overwhelming. Below I have compiled a list of some of the best web sites to surf and things to do online when you bored so no need to aimless search through the internet's millions of web pages!

1) StumbleUpon.com – Download the StumpleUpon toolbar to find great videos, websites, photos and more based on your specific interests. After you "StumbleUpon" a site, you submit a rating and then StumbleUpon learns what you likes and makes better reccomendations. You can share your discoveries and meet new friends and people with similar interests with this tool. Some of my favorite sites I have found channeling surfing with StumpleUpon are Musicovery.com, TheWeblist.net, and Populair.eu.

2) Find a good online community – Whether you want to find and chat with people who have similar interests or talk over a controversial debate, there are a plethora of online communities and chat groups that …