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The Five Best Soap Opera Websites

Looking for scoops, spoilers, casting information, or recaps regarding your favorite daytime show? Let’s face it. Many of us are just too busy with our own hectic lives to keep up with our favorite soap, which is why we turn to the Internet to keep us informed. Why go to the store and purchase a magazine when we can get it all right on our home or office computers? We can’t help but be addicted to the latest schemes, love triangles, break-ups, amnesia hang-ups, or even ! As a long-time soap opera fanatic, I’ve done my own research and compiled a list of the five best soap opera sites to catch up on your favorite daytime dramas, in order of preference.

1) (

This site has recently become my favorite, surpassing my number two choice. It contains wonderfully detailed story recaps of every daytime soap, along with captivating episode pictures. In addition, it does a fabulous job of keeping up with the latest news regarding your favorite soaps. On the home page, you can even scroll down to see the stars’ upcoming birthdays along with their birth years, just in case you are curious to know how old they are! You can also see how well your favorite soap is doing in the rating’s race, along with links to the upcoming spoilers, and comings and goings. If that’s not enough, this site also contains a message board if you care to speak your mind in a “Rated-G” format regarding the soaps. This is by far the hottest place to find all the latest information. The people who run this site do an excellent job of staying updated for the fans.

2) Soap Opera Digest and Weekly Homepage (

This is another great site, but is now my second choice. This site does a great job of writing recaps as well, along with keeping fans updated with the latest news regarding the daytime shows. Every Friday, the site updates the current covers of the latest issues of Soap Opera Digest and Soap Opera Weekly magazines, where you can click the covers and see a brief summary of what’s going to be included in the weekly issues. This groovy site also gives you, the soap opera fan, an opportunity to participate in weekly polls and speak your mind regarding a favorite soap. If you are curious as to who’s on your favorite soap, you can click on the “Cast Lists” link. Want to know even more about your favorite soap star? Just click on “Soap Star Stats.”

3) (

My hats off to another great soap opera site which includes a number of features such as show recaps, comings and goings, message boards, and the latest soap opera news. What’s fun about this site is that it also contains games such as trivia challenge, word find, and puzzles. The daily recaps are not as detailed as the other two sites, though, which is my only criticism. Although if you want to know what’s going to happen on your favorite soap, this site gives sneak peaks for each day of the week. That way you can decide if your favorite soap is worth watching or recording for that particular day.

4) (

This is a terrific site based on the Soapnet channel featured on certain cable networks and satellite television, although it’s not as high on my list due to it’s slower loading capacity and the occasional pop-ups. However, it does feature video clips from some of the shows, which include “video blogs” and “behind the scenes.”. In addition, Soapnet features “One-Minute Soap,” which is an entirely different soap story you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet or any TV channel. Of course this site also includes soap recaps of past and present soap operas, message boards, and a schedule line-up of when your favorite shows air on Soapnet. The recaps aren’t quite as detailed as the first two sites, though. What sets this site apart from the other ones is that you can also shop for soap related theme items such as jewelry, music CDs, and clothing. It links you to a partner site in the process. You can also play games such as Soapnet Solitaire, Trivia, and Fantasy Soap League. If that isn’t enough for the truly crazed soap fan, wallpaper pictures containing hot poses of soap stars are available for download. This is a terrific site indeed if you have the patience for it!

5) Soaptown USA (

A great source of information comes from this site which features the latest news regarding all the daytime shows. It also features polls, interviews with the stars, fan club event happenings, current ratings, and spoilers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t contain recaps to this site. However, it does include episode pictures and weekly commentaries/opinions concerning what happened on your favorite shows. Like, it also contains daily spoilers for each day of the week so you can decide whether or not to tune in to your favorite soap for that particular day.