Tips to Block Pornographic Websites with Firefox Browser

If you do not have your browser download firefox please first at www.mozilla.com. This tutorial is made especially for the younger generation, let us together to stay away from sites like this sacrilegious. It's ironic and unfortunate to see the many horrendous stories happening everywhere immoral acts, rape between friends, father to son, brother to brother, teacher to students and even teachers raping students just because a porn site.

Therefore, save your children at home, your family and your colleagues at school, college, office or wherever located. Blocking porn sites now doing well on a computer in your house, your school, your office and try without the knowledge of others, and provides a password on the application you use to block these sites. If you need a laptop other people apply these tips. Many ways can be used and is very easy. I will be an example of how an effective member blocking porn sites with enough firefox browser.

Firefox browser could block the site because they have the facilities add ons. And add ons that will be used in this tutorial is Procon Latte. Add ons that this one has a function to filter a variety of pornographic content and moral damage when a person using firefox browser. So not only pornographic sites but also smelled of various other sites, such as gambling websites. In addition, Procon also provides the facility to prevent password changes on your browser settings. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the firefox browser and open a link https: / / addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1803 to download add ons Procon latte
  2. Click add to firefox button to display the End User License Agreement and click the accept button and click install to begin installation.
  3. Click Install to start the process now, and wait until the installation is complete. When it is done restart Firefox before reactivation add ons
  4. To know your browser is already installed add ons Procon Latte, note on the bottom right corner of the browser, there is a yellow shield-shaped icon. Move your cursor to the icon if the message appears it means the process Blocking Filter On porn sites automatically activated without the need to insert your own Web site addresses.
  5. In order to block the other sites that are not configured by Procon Latte, do the configuration manually by double click on icon Procon Latte, and will open a window setting Procon. Click the main tab and then filter any material modifications that will be in the filter, and then click the edit button list.
  6. Enable the use of passwords, click the button on the General tab set the password, the dialog box that appears type the password you want, follow with a password click apply