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Types of Websites Listing Freelance Writing Jobs

Although most careers have been hit as a result of the global recession, job opportunities have opened up for . If you’ve got an online connection, a PayPal account and a reasonable grasp of English, then you have the basics for starting a freelance writing career. There are several ways you can make money from websites geared for freelance writers.

Job Boards

Freelance writers can never be complacent. Clients come and go like mayflies, depending on how financially stable a client is. You always need to be on the lookout for a new client or a better paying client. The best freelance writing sites such as Problogger or Freelance Writing Jobs have extensive listings for freelance writers. Not all of the jobs will be for the web. Some will be for business newsletters, ad copy, fillers for newspapers or even scripts.

Content Aggregators

Websites that pay writers for articles that appear on the web are known as content aggregators or content brokers. These sites include Helium, Wordgigs, Textbroker and Yahoo Contributor Network. Payment differs from site to site to site, but basically you make money through up-front payments or from revenue sharing. The latter means that you get paid a miniscule amount each time someone that’s not you clicks onto your articles. For some sites like Helium, this works out to around one penny per five clicks.

Content Warehouses

Sometimes also called content aggregators, these are sites where the writer can submit articles, name their own price and a large part of the profit while the host site takes the other part. These sites include Daily Article and Constant Content. The only problem is that your article may sit for months or even years before there are any buyers. Sometimes clients skip the website’s article catalogue altogether and just post a request on a forum on the site, if the site has one.

Monetizing Articles

This means you get a small cut of advertising revenue by allowing another company to place ads on your articles. The most famous is Google Ads, but and eBay also have similar programs. Some websites like HubPages only pay through a percentage of all advertising revenue generated from online ads on your articles. Be sure to check the Terms of Use for each website like HubPages that allows monetizing because rules change like the wind.

Monetizing Your Own Sites or Blogs

You can also hook your own personal website or blog onto such places as Google Ads. In this way, you can write what you want, which may be a nice change of pace after spending all day writing for other people’s specifications. If your blog gets a good buzz, you may be offered free stuff to review.