Understanding WordPress Hosting – What You Should Know

There is a slight confusion when it comes to the term ‘wordpress hosting,’ as it is used to define many services. is a service invented since the era of the first internet websites. Until today, it developed in many ways, allowing users to create practically anything on the internet.

What is WordPress

Created initially as a platform for webmasters to make their own blogs, WordPress soon offered those users the possibility to produce their own websites and to host them on the platform at no cost. It was the first time the term ‘‘ appeared, and it was about making a free website @wordpress.com.

Even if it was a free service requiring little or no web developing knowledge, the users needed more. It was how the platform became an open-source service for anyone who wanted to build a website, with the possibility of making it on the domain of the client.

In other words, WP became a Content Management System useful to design a site on any domain.

Hosting companies soon realized how many of their users were asking tailored WordPress service. It is why they offered easy ways to integrate the CMS in their hosting package, such as One Click WP Install or connections between the c-panel and WP. This is how the second ‘wordpress hosting’ term appeared, and it was about the tailored WordPress hosting packages with specific features for this CMS.

Today, fewer and fewer people choose free , but its popularity as a Content Management Platform remains. When webmasters talk about WP hosting today, it is mostly about the right package with features for building a website ultimately.

Why should you choose WP?

WordPress amazes through its adaptation to the growing needs of webmasters. It is possible to build a sleek and modern webshop, but also to change it into a popular blog. It is the perfect tool for beginners that don’t want to spend much on their website, and also the possibility to change it into something else when required.

Characteristics of WordPress hosting packages

WP needs to be installed on the server in order for it to function. This is usually the task of the . Once installed, you can create a WP user as an admin, and start uploading texts and photos on your website.

The good part of this CMS is that you have templates and themes at your disposal, which will make your life a lot easier. You can also add plug-ins and extensions, offering your website unique functionalities. You don’t even have to resume to these themes. You can find many WordPress developers to create custom widgets and plug-ins for your specific needs.

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