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Distributing web 2.0 content in the new internet world is a completely different undertaking than it ever has been in the history of the web. Users prefer video to text or audio, and the distribution model for video has only begun to see success on the web. Learning to take advantage of the development of web 2.0 software to create the best web 2.0 web sites that encourage sharing of content and web 2.0 development and design chores across the community is critical to the success of the web 2.0 developer and designer over time.

The skillset necessary for successful web 2.0 design is wide and varied among users, the people at the end of the computer's interface with the world. With so many people participating with so many interdependent skillsets, the success of the web 2.0 designer and developer in the endeavor to create the best web 2.0 web sites utilizing the latest web 2.0 tools and software is wholly dependent upon the efforts of the community as a unit. While the individual user can create content and submit it, it requires vast amounts of user interaction to provide the type of feedback and criticism necessary to perfect the content delivery system.

Inherent in the concept of web 2.0 software and especially the web 2.0 affiliate marketing plan is the idea that web 2.0 content should be focused on being user friendly and easy to use overall, for a wide majority of users so as to facilitate even those who might not otherwise have a chance at uploading a video or implement an online affiliate marketing program. The easy to use and implement nature of the web 2.0 design and concept of everything for everyone is intended to facilitate the creation of idea based, high value video content.

With this ease of use factor firmly in mind, the web 2.0 developer or designer is obligated to enlist the aid of the web 2.0 affiliate marketing and development community that has already established their presence online. The ancient adage that it takes a village to raise a child is most specifically implemented in this case, as it takes a good deal of exposure to affiliate marketing and advertising in general to begin to get a grip on the true nature of successful web 2.0 marketing. Learning from and interacting with the web 2.0 affiliate marketing community is highly advised for the web 2.o affiliate marketing newcomer interested in successful use of web 2.o applications and web 2.0 ecommerce.

As web 2.0 software and development become more and more well developed and the new web 2.0 community grows, it is essential for the web 2.0 marketer to focus on web 2.0 collaboration, as the efforts of the community are of great assistance to the success of the web 2.0 affiliate marketing affiliate. The web 2.0 community is a good source of like minded collaborators and web 2.0 affiliate marketers who are more than willing to help build the web 2.0 community and benefit from web 2.0 collaboration. This attitude of massive networks of people supporting people in the web 2.0 community is a concept uniquely and exclusively embodied in the web 2.0 environment of today's internet.

Working with the web 2.0 community is a good first step for building the web 2.0 affiliate marketing hopeful's new web 2.0 ecommerce platform in rapid fashion, and it is also a useful long term strategy for building a network of web 2.o developers and designers that are familiar with web 2.0 software, web 2.0 development, web 2.0 design, web 2.0 tools, web 2.0 collaboration, the web 2.0 community, web 2.0 ecommerce, and other new web 2.0 concepts and marketing opportunities. With the assistance of the web 2.0 community, the novice web 2.0 designer can benefit from the knowledge of his direct forebears.

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