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Webb's Cafe in Mildenhall, Suffolk, England: Review

Webb's Cafe in Mildenhall, Suffolk, England: Review

Webb's Cafe is located to the left of the Card Boutique at 4 Market Place, Mildenhall, Suffolk, IP28 7EF. The telephone number is (01638) 712312. Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 7:00.a.m. to 3:00.p.m. and Saturdays from 8:00.a.m. to 2:00.p.m. Webb's Cafe offers an eat-in menu option throughout the day or a takeaway option for those who are on the go.

Choosing Webb's

I recently joined a friend for lunch who chose to eat at Webb's Cafe in Mildenhall. It has been years since I have eaten at Webb's, so I did not know if the food was still as good as it was years ago. As we had been out in the bitterfly cold weather conditions along with heavy rain, we both needed something warm and nourishing to build us up again. My friend had a bowl of soup and a roll. It took me longer to decide what to have, as I was tempted by the colourful salad bar and the generous portions that I saw others around me tucking into. I took a menu to our table and settled for the special offer, which was a bowl of soup with and a sandwich. The soup of the day was tomato and roasted red pepper. I opted for an egg mayonnaise sandwich, which also came with coleslaw and a small side salad. My lunch was plentiful, filling and warming, which is just what I needed on such a cold day.


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