WebPlus X2 Tutorial – How to Apply Drop Shadows to Text and Objects in WebPlus

With the WebPlus X2 program, there are many types of shadows that can be applied to text and objects. There is an entire folder full of shadows for you to use. In this WebPlus tutorial, I will show you how to use these shadows and apply them to both text and objects.

Creating a New Page to Work On

You will first need to create a new page to work on. If you do not already have a new page created, click File > New at the top of your program. A new page will then be created for you to experiment on with this tutorial.

Creating Text or Objects

Next, you will need to create some text or an object to use for this tutorial. If you want to use text, select the text tool and click your mouse. Then type your text on the document. If you want to use an object, select the shape tool and draw something, or insert an object of you choice.

Locating the Drop Shadow Folder

Next, you will need to find the drop shadow folder. Look for the Styles panel on the right side of your program. You may need to click the tab to open the panel. Once you have opened the panel, click the drop down box at the top. In the drop down box, you will need to click the plus sign beside the Filter Effects folder. When the folder expands, click the Shadows document.

Applying the Shadows to the Objects or Text

You will now see the different drop shadow effects that are available. To start applying the drop shadows, click the text or object you want to apply it too. This will select the object or text. Then click the drop shadow that you wish to apply to it and drag it to the text or object. Place the drop shadow on top of the text or object and let go of the mouse. Your drop shadow will then be applied.

Viewing How the Drop Shadow Will Look Before Applying

You can also view what a drop shadow will look like before applying it to your text or object. Look for the drop shadow that you want to add. Instead of clicking the drop shadow, click the arrow in the bottom right corner of the shadow. When the menu opens, click the Edit link. A box will pop up and you will see a preview of the shadow in the right side of the box. At the top of the preview, you will see three tabs. Clicking those three tabs will show you how it will look on text, objects, and paragraphs of text. Click the Close button to close the Edit box.

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